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Free Wi-Fi access 

 Bar & restaurant

Swimming pool

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Free parking

La Tropicale is LGBT friendly. We like everybody :-)

simplicity in a luxurious tropical garden

Every night on the Carrillo bay, the sun is setting on the beach.

After a sunny and warm day, you'll get back by foot in 5 minutes to La Tropicale.

The mild tropical garden, small cabinas with tin roofs, animals, parrots and "Salut, how are you ! "launched by Arnaud will remind you that you are at the right address.

The freshness of a swim in the pool at the foot of the small waterfall called you already.

A shower in the tropical bathroom, wide open on the palm trees of this small green paradise, a clean Tshirt and you're ready to begin a wonderfull evening. Here you can not see the ocean, but we hear there, right behind the palm trees.

The sun here early grave, and soon!

As Arnaud says : "My place is very simple, like me. An affordable stay in a garden with a pool at walking distance of a paradise beach, what else ?"